The activity consists of:

It is an activity for school-educational
for alumn@s of all kinds of ages, as we adapt the talks and theaters to levels of difficulty of the students. Possibility of bilingual choice (English-Spanish)

It consists of three parts, First, we visited its center so that students do not have to move avoiding unnecessary bus costs and the great comfort of not moving so many students.

Second, we would start at 9:30 to 11:00 :
Didactic talk on the evolution of animals showing different species, explaining their care and behaviors such as ajolotes, snakes, bats, etcTercero

, from 11:30 to 12:45 :

JOHN DE LA SELVA, a play in which animals interact with actors. Comic-educational work in which foxes, loafers, wolves, tarantulas, etc take the reins. Finishing it with a descent to the public so that they can see the animals up close.

We moved a total of 20 animals. we consist of all the insurance and papers of the animals. Animals are part of our family live in our loose homes and with the same comforts as any animal in their homes. We are animal lovers and defend their rights first and foremos g., educating students to do so.


Environmental education theatre




3 to 14 years old


Bilingual ESP-ING


Price between 6o and 3o per child

(depending on number of students and dates) (minimum 100 students) (ask 679837609 for a non-binding budget)

All benefits will be earmarked for the maintenance of the foundation's animals and their facilities

Animals do not suffer any damage, nor stress. We are protective of exotic animals, all animals have been adopted, saved from ill-treatment, furry or simply from people who could not take care of them. They act for a few minutes each, to avoid any stress for the animal. We're not a circus or anything like that, animals train to do animal things like jump, climb or fly in case of raptors.

They are transported in transports approved for their species so that they do not suffer any damage or stress along the way.

We do not receive any financial aid from the state or any organization. animals and their facilities are maintained thanks to their sporadic work in different schools or private centers teaching their peculiarities and skills. raising awareness of young and old who are spectacular animals