Given the exceptional situation we live through the Covid-19, Fox Foundation opens its doors to create its mini summer school. With a very small gupo of only 10 places, being outdoors and with disinfection points at the entrance and exit minimizes possible contagions.

Students will be able to enjoy age-appropriate facilities, with a fenced and covered porch of 36 m2 in which students can carry out a wide variety of activities from crafts, recycling learning and environmental education adapted to the level of students.

An area of orchard and chicken coop with regular walks to the countryside to stimulate early love of nature.

Students will be attended by two specialized monitors, one of them partners and another environmental education monitor very accustomed to working with young children.


Summer school


In the Cove of Mijas – Disseminated the Rose


Children (3 to 6 years)


Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:30


June, July, August and September 2020


EUR 200 per month (vat included)

All benefits will be earmarked for the maintenance of the foundation's animals and their facilities

Fundación Fox is the protector of exotic animals in Mijas (Malaga). We take care of collecting troubled exotic pets and giving them a second chance.

They come in different ways like abandonment, furry or just people who can't cover all the needs that such a pet needs, since exotic animals are not good pets at all

We are funded by the environmental education activities we do outside our center.

This website has been opened to advise all people or associations on how to take care of this type of animals or if you can not take care of your pet advising you what you can do.